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The Power of Smart Purchasing

NICA and Source1 Purchasing complete have teamed up to provide you with a purchasing program with real value and cost savings.

500+ manufacturer contracts in food & beverage

200+ operating, supply, services and equipment contracts

Dedicated customer service team who facilitates your access & use of the program

Quarterly rebates sent directly to you

We Are The Secret Source To Help You Save!

Although pricing contracts vary by manufacturer, NICA members receive savings from the NICA/Sysco Marketplace in two ways:

Deviated Pricing

Items are contracted at fixed prices through Sysco –lower than what members would get on their own. Contracted prices are based on the combined spend of thousands of customers, and the savings are passed directly to NICA members via lower pricing on each Sysco invoice. Deviated savings make up about 80% of the total program value.

Direct Manufacturer Rebates

In addition to deviated pricing, many contracted items also offer rebates. Source1 Purchasing collects earned rebates based on member purchases and distributes the rebates back to NICA members quarterly. Direct rebates usually account for about 20% of program savings.

How Do We Find Your Ideal Contracted Items?

Source1 Purchasing regularly provides NICA/Sysco Marketplace members with a Contract Product Match Report, which identifies items being purchased by the enrolled member as well as alternative items that are contracted through the Source1 Purchasing program that offer potential savings. These items are referred to as “recommended”.

• All items listed on the report are pulled directly from Sysco purchases and are NICA-member specific. Only your purchases, and not generic information, is used for the comparison.

• All recommended items are of similar quality and specification.

• All recommended items are contracted and offer potential savings.

• All recommended items are listed as in stock at the Sysco OpCo but should be confirmed by your Sysco representative.

• Your Sysco representative can arrange for samples of recommended items to compare