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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy exclusively from Sysco?

The NICA/Sysco Marketplace program is only available through Sysco. Purchases made outside Sysco will not receive the deviated pricing or rebates.

Is there a long-term contract or commitment for the NICA/Sysco Marketplace program?

There is no long-term commitment and no entry or exit fee to participate in the NICA/Sysco Marketplace program.

Do I have to buy only contracted items?

No. You can buy anything you want, but only contracted items will provide deviated savings and rebates. Source1 Purchasing will analyze your purchases and provide product recommendations to help reduce costs and improve overall program participation.

Will I earn direct rebates on my purchases?

A majority of program savings come from deviated pricing agreements, so you will see your savings reflected by lower prices on your Sysco invoice. Additionally, some items also include rebates. All rebates earned will be paid quarterly to the NICA member by Source1 Purchasing.

Are we enrolled automatically when we join NICA?

No. A separate enrollment process is required to participate in the NICA/Sysco Marketplace.

Do you get the same credit terms across all Sysco OpCo’s?

Unfortunately, credit terms vary among Sysco OpCo’s, so please consult your local Sysco co-representative.

Do all the OpCo’s send email invoices?

No, this also varies by OpCo, so please contact your Sysco representative for invoice and payment options and details.

How and when do I receive my rebates?

New Sysco account applications should be processed thru the Source1 help desk or onsite by a Sysco marketing associate (MA). If done by a Sysco representative, Source1 will request additional information and paperwork, such as a participation agreement and route schedule of events the concessionaire is planning to attend. This information ensures the account is properly connected to the NICA/Sysco Marketplace program.

What is the difference between a corporate credit application and an OpCo credit application?Are both needed or does a corporate credit application suffice for all participating OpCo’s?

Sysco’s corporate credit application is a universal credit application used by all OpCo’s. However, the corporate credit application does not contain necessary tax information the OpCo will need, so they will ask for this information separately. A corporate credit application does not mean Sysco will extend the same credit terms for the concessionaire through all OpCo’s.Credit terms are established by each individual OpCo the concessionaire uses. If the concessionaire requests national creditterms, the Sysco corporate contact will obtain terms related to the customer’s potential national purchase volume. This requires an evaluation of the concessionaire’s credit report and additional risk factors.

How does Sysco determine payment terms for concessionaires, and are all OpCo’s consistent on payment terms?

All payment terms are assigned by the individual OpCo and based on the risk factors for each individual account. These terms are determined by the customer’s credit report and payment history with other OpCo’s. Payment terms also vary by OpCo so be sure to consult your local rep for more details.

Can you explain the account number expiration process, and what can be done to ensure account numbers are maintained and correctly linked to the NICA/Sysco Marketplace program?

When Sysco accounts are inactive for a year, they may expire. To reactivate, Sysco requires the customer to initial the prior application with new dates and to confirm the accuracy of bill-to and ship-to addresses, along with updated banking info.

Who do I call with questions about Sysco account numbers or issues as related to the NICA/Sysco Marketplace program pricing structure?

NICA members should work through the Source1 Help Desk and/or the local OpCo sales contact.

How do I confirm that my accounts are properly linked to the NICA/Sysco Marketplace program national ID?

Prior to ordering, NICA members should contact the Source1 Help Desk to confirm the accounts are linked to the national pricing structure. The Source1 Help Desk can be reached at 561-693-3352.

How early should I contact my local Sysco OpCo to make arrangements for an upcoming event?

Many concessionaires contact the specific Sysco OpCo three months prior to an event for main items. If proprietary or special order items are needed, Sysco requires a minimum of two month’s notice. Sysco relies on concessionaires for accurate product forecasts.

How are quantities determined on items to order to ensure consistent item availability?

Sysco relies on concessionaires to provide accurate product forecasts. Concessionaires also must accept all products they agree to if those items were ordered specifically for them.