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Getting Started

Let’s get started

We’re committed to making your transition and on boarding easy. Just follow the four steps listed below and we’ll be on our way.

The Start-up Period

  1. Your primary distributor will continue to work with you to align your operational requirements with your online Order Guide.
  2. Your Source1 Account Manager will explain the advantages of the NICA Sysco Marketplace Product Guide that is linked to contract pricing and rebate programs.
  3. Your Source1 Account Manager will coordinate with you the “Review, Selection and Start-up” with the available Operating Equipment and Service programs.
  4. Source1 will keep you posted on new items and programs.
    1. Step 1 | Primary Distributor Set-up

      Ensure you are set-up and connected with your Primary Distributor.

      1. Your location will be connected to the NICA Sysco Marketplace with a Sysco account number that is attached to the NICA Marketplace contracted priced programs through Sysco.
      2. If not already set-up, request access to the e-Sysco or Sysco Market on-line ordering system. This will allow you to access contract pricing. See how it will appear online. Once you have login credentials and completed training with your Sysco Marketing Associate or Account Executive, you will be able to place online orders.
      3. Create customized Order Guides for your operation and needs, while maximizing the contract pricing and rebates. Learn more in Step 2.

      Step 2 | Build your Order Guide

      Congrats! You are connected to eSysco or Sysco Market and ready for the next step.

      1. Work with your distributor Marketing Associate or Account Executive to build an online order guide for placing regular orders.
      2. Use our NICA Marketplace Product Guide to build your custom order guide, using contracted items and maximizing your savings.

      Step 3 | Get Connected

      The NICA Sysco Marketplace has hundreds of Regional and Direct Delivery supplier outside of Food & Beverage. Your Source1 Account Manager will work with you to understand the best options for you and your operation, and will coordinate information, set-up and start-up of programs such as Operating Supply, Service & Equipment Programs (OS&E). Review the preferred supplier list.

      Step 4 | Reduce Costs & Add Value

      The NICA Sysco Marketplace provides you with contract pricing and rebates. Take advantage of opportunities to reduce costs by:

      1. Accessing the contract pricing starting on day 1 which will show an immediate impact, reflected on invoices.
      2. Planning Quick Wins, a review of the top 5 items purchased in each category.
        Beverage, frozen, bakery, dairy, eggs, juices, coffee, paper items, disposables, can liners and etc.
        Coordinate with your distributor to identify savings opportunities over those purchased today. Next, go deeper until you complete the list of all key purchases.
      3. Reviewing the quarterly Compliance Reports that identify contracted items purchased compared to total purchases. The more purchased, the great the savings.
      4. Reviewing the Earning rebate reports which will be tracked and paid quarterly.
      5. Reviewing the latest programs and products listing of contracted items.