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Direct Delivery Supplier Enrollment


First, for each supplier (listed below), indicate whether or not you would like access to the NICA Marketplace national contract.

  • If “Yes” is selected, please indicate whether or not you have an existing account with the supplier.
  • If you do have an existing account, please provide your current account number(s) in the fields provided.
  • If you do not have an existing account, a new account will be created for you.

You’re done! Source1 will facilitate enrollment. We will link current accounts to the NICA Marketplace, or establish new accounts where there is none established.

What’s next?

Upon connection, you will be contacted by your Account Representative for each supplier, who will provide you with your account number. Your Account Representative will then help you assess your needs, assist you in obtaining an order guide with preferred products, and walk you through placing your first order and subsequent orders.
*Some variations apply, see below for these specific instances.
Source1 will coordinate the supplier contact for you. Questions? Contact us at: NICA@source1purchasing.com.

Contact Information

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